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Funny pictures and comics (Format = JPEG)

Dolly 01 What can happen, if you watch to nice Girls
Dolly 02 Another Comic whith the great, blonde Dolly
Dolly 03 Blonde woman on lonely island
Dolly 04 Big muscles but small...
Dolly 05 Blonde women want to attract men
Dolly 06 Naked Dolly on the golf course
Garfield Comics with Garfield


Comedy (Format = MP3 / Language = German)

Wetter mit Alex & Rubli Suleika kommt...[565kB]
Wetter mit Alex & Rubli Wetter im Radio[496kB]
Daily Harry Unterwasserrestaurant / Sex[975kB]
Daily Harry Schweizer / Unterw√§sche im All[1.07MB]
Dragan & Alder Auto[1.25MB]
Dragan & Alder Klonen[1.17MB]
Dragan & Alder Handy[0.68MB]

Fantastic animations (Format = Flash / SWF)

Road Movie How you should drive really...[1.1MB]
Singing Bird Some birds can't sing...[308kB]
Alcohol & Ammo? Simulation for using arms under alcohol influence[476kB]
Xiaoxiao Very good made action movie with combat fight. WOW![1.4MB]
Don't worry, be happy! If you're worry, then watch this movie...[266kB]

Animations - Happy Tree Friends (Format = Flash / SWF)

Happy Tree Friends 01 Spin Fun Knowing Ya[623kB]
Happy Tree Friends 02 House Warming[526kB]
Happy Tree Friends 03 Helping Helps[596kB]
Happy Tree Friends 04 Crazy Antics[564kB]
Happy Tree Friends 05 Havin A Ball[473kB]
Happy Tree Friends 06 Nuttin Wrong With Candy[526kB]
Happy Tree Friends 07 Pitchin Impossible[567kB]
Happy Tree Friends 08 Wheelin and Dealing[730kB]
Happy Tree Friends 09 Stayin Alive[969kB]
Happy Tree Friends 10 Of The Hook[1420kB]
Happy Tree Friends 11 Mime and Mime Again[815kB]
Happy Tree Friends 12 Water You Wading For[811kB]
Happy Tree Friends 13 This is Your Knife[953kB]
Happy Tree Friends 14 Idol Moments[610kB]
Happy Tree Friends 15 Snow What[877kB]
Happy Tree Friends 16 Chip Off[987kB]
Happy Tree Friends 17 Nutting But The Tooth[957kB]
Happy Tree Friends 18 Tongue Twister[945kB]
Happy Tree Friends 19 Meat Me For Lunch[808kB]
Happy Tree Friends 20 You Are Baking Me Crazy[595kB]
Happy Tree Friends 21 Boo Do You Think You Are[1151kB]
Happy Tree Friends 22 Hide And Seek[968kB]
Happy Tree Friends 23 Sweet Ride[1172kB]
Happy Tree Friends 24 It's a Snap[679kB]
Happy Tree Friends 25 Spare Me[505kB]
Happy Tree Friends 26 Happy Trails[691kB]
Happy Tree Friends 27 Happy Trails part 2 - Jumping The Shark[1654kB]
Happy Tree Friends 28 Whose Line Is It Anyway[772kB]
Happy Tree Friends 29 Eye Candy[1028kB]
Happy Tree Friends 30 Rink Hijinks[1142kB]
Happy Tree Friends 31 Flippin Burgers[1206kB]
Happy Tree Friends 32 Eyes Cold Lemonade[2350kB]
Happy Tree Friends 33 Milkin' it[2789kB]
Watch Cuddles Smoochie[444kB]
Watch Frosty Kringle[374kB]
Watch Giggles Smoochie[824kB]
Watch Kringle Bells[336kB]
Watch Kringle Feast[455kB]
Watch Kringle Karoling[340kB]
Watch Kringle Presents[365kB]
Watch Kringle Tree[348kB]
Watch Party Smoochie[1203kB]
Watch Petunia Smoochie[1022kB]
Watch Smoochies Easter[610kB]
Hear Audio: Happy Tree Friends - Theme [mp3][458kB]


Funny and witty videos (Formats = MPEG, WMV)

Highly ballsy! How boys boast with their car...[2.9MB]
Shaving was yesterday! Modern form of blushing...[1.97MB]
Rocket in the ass Never put a rocket in your ass![1.73MB]
Cybersex Why it is very dangerous to do cybersex...[1.36MB]
Sexy sorceress Where does she hide the red cloth???[16.9MB]
Dates are dangerous You never know whats really behind someones face...[4.7MB]
Taco Town In Taco Town you get the biggest Tacos![3.9MB]
Get rid of wife How to get rid of his wife the easy way[1.3MB]
Everyday life in office Always use a long wire to the headphones, because....[1.1MB]
The Evolution of Dance The comedian Judson Laipply presentates the evolution of dance[14.3MB]
Hit up girls How you should hit up girls the successful way...[1.65MB]
Gamarjobat Gamarjobat at the Arosa Humor Festival 2007 in Switzerland. Comedy from Japan![43.8MB]

Funny programs (Format = EXE for Windows)

Bored Corp. A typical day in the Bored Corp.[630kB]